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Ross Mac Mahon – Actor and Multi-tasker

I was talking to Neil, Neil Jordan, and he said he’s never heard of you. Everyone is welcome. So let’s make something.

(Actor, Lover, Problem Solver)
Mail: ross [at] crookedhumour.com

Top Contributors – Time, Expertise and Talent

Brian Canavan, Béibhinn Jones, Alan Hopkins, Paul Dodd, Niall Sargent, Kris Mac Mahon, Gary Cleary, Michelle McCormack, Kevin Flynn, Luciano Licciardello, Declan Armstrong, Eirn Jones, Brendan McCormack, Mustafa Khadem, Niall Moore, Ian Armstrong, Graham Oates, Keith Burke, Jack Jones, Ciaran O’ Sullivan, Kevin O’ Connell, Vincent O’Reilly and Kildare Youth Theatre. There are no words to describe your contributions..